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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your opening hours?

We are open every weekday from 7:00am to 5:30pm.

Dropping off before 7:00am is not possible. We kindly ask that children be dropped off before 10:00am to ensure children do not miss any activities.

Please check here for full drop-off and pick-up policies.

Does your daycare close for holidays or other days of the year?

We are closed on all statutory holidays. Should a statutory holiday fall on a weekend, we will be closed on the following Monday.

We are also closed 2 weeks annually, the exact dates can change from year-to-year. We will notify you regarding these dates with plenty of notice.

Do you provide drop-in daycare, or occasional daycare?

We accept drop-ins and occasional daycare. You are required to contact us as soon as you know the dates.

Please note that drop-in care is not guaranteed and is based on ratios and licensed space availability. Please contact us prior to dropping in unannounced.

There is a drop-in fee of $50 paid on the date of drop-in.

Are you a licensed daycare?

Yes, we are a fully licensed daycare operating per the regulations of the BC Government for community child care spaces. We are licensed for Group Child Care for ages 1-5 years. We follow all staffing rules and laws for our license.

Do you provide financial assistance for childcare?

Little Steps has been approved for the child care fee reduction initiative (CCFRI) by the BC government. Parents do not need to apply for the fee reduction as we can apply on your behalf.

We encourage you to learn how you can qualify for subsidies on the Government of BC website.

Do you provide lunch or snacks to children at your daycare?

We currently ask parents to please pack sufficient food, snacks, and drinks for their children. Children will be supervised while eating or drinking during lunch/snack time. Children will not be forced to eat or drink.

What is your policy on nuts and allergies?

We are a nut-free daycare centre. We politely ask parents not to pack nuts for children, nor allow nuts into our facility. 

For children with known allergies, we ask that all applicable medication be supplied to us by the parents. These will be kept safe and handy in the unlikely event they need to be used. 

Does your daycare have nap time?

We provide a nap/rest time every day for 2 hours. All children sleep on sleeping mats provided by the daycare. All children's bedding is stored in their own personal container and must be taken home for a wash, weekly.

Do children at your daycare play outside?

Yes! Rain or shine, we spend 40-60 minutes outdoors. Our curriculum promotes physically active play and is designed for gross motor activities with age appropriate toys and sensory activities.

Can I send someone to pick up my children from daycare?

Only those documented in our files, which parents fill out when applying to our care, can pick up the children. They must show photo ID if they are not the regular parents we recognize for drop-offs and pick-ups.

What are your emergency protocols?

Like any licensed group daycare, we follow certain procedures to plan for emergencies. This includes having ecah child's emergency contact information and medical history available.

We also have back-up food and first-aid supplies, if needed.

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