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Parent Resources: Information Pack

Forms & Resources

Enrollment Forms

Please download/print and fill each form. E-mail or bring completed forms to our centre.

Enrollment All-in-one Package

Download our all-in-one Enrollment Package here. Please fill and sign all the forms, digitally or by hand, and e-mail or bring them to our centre.

Parent Resources: Services

Childcare Subsidy

The government may subsidize childcare if the family meets certain income requirements. You can go online to see if you are eligible at:

It is the parent’s responsibility to fill out the application form and return it to the subsidy worker at least two weeks prior to the child’s starts date to receive funding on time. The difference remaining between subsidy and childcare fees need to be paid by the family using postdated cheques following the daycare guideline. Parents are responsible for subsidy renewals prior to the renewal date. Please note that delays in subsidy payment and renewals will result in full payment made by the parent.

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